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Running for Life with Erin Morrison (#107)

Today I interviewed Erin Morrison from Mississauga Ontario.

A lifelong athlete, Erin competed in high level field hockey and lacrosse growing up and into university. Taking a step away from sport after graduation, she found a renewed love and passion for fitness as an adult through strength training, running and intramural sports.

Erin is relatively new to the sport of running and has run 4 half marathons, with the plan to run her first full marathon this October. She is excited to take on this new challenge to push her limits to the next level.

Accountant by day, she is also a Certified Personal Trainer and is passionate about not only improving her own fitness but helping others achieve their own fitness goals!

You can find her running around suburban GTA, working out at home or training in her neighbourhood gym!

Highlights of todays episode:

  • The transition from competitive sports to running

  • How Erin uses Strength Training to support her running goals

  • What Erin is currently doing to support a positive first full marathon experience this coming October

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