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The Runner’s Mindset With Dr. Danielle Marr (#16)

Updated: Jan 30, 2023

This week I am joined on the podcast with Dr. Danielle Marr on the topic of the Runner’s mindset.

Dr. Danielle is a certified professional life coach, living the expat lifestyle, currently in Bermuda. Dr. Marr practiced as a chiropractor for 11 years before transitioning to full-time coaching. She found the key to making healthy lifestyle changes last (regular exercise and proper nutrition) was all in the patient’s mindset, and these shifts in mindset spill over into other areas of life, helping patients live a more enjoyable, and fulfilled life all around.

Danielle was a competitive athlete growing up, transitioning to marathons and Ironman triathlon training. She is currently spending as much time with her energetic 3.5 year old son as she can; while taking on every amazing new adventure.

Danielle is available for consult or coaching via her website and can be found on social media on Instagram @drdmarr

Episode Highlights:

  • Danielle shares a mindset framework for runners or any athlete. This framework is about doing their best on that individual day, and that day alone

  • Danielle talks about outcome based performance, and mastery based performance. This mindset framework helps support athletes focus on smaller goals.

  • Danielle and I both discuss the importance of enjoying the process of training or a race. We remind each other to stop and smell the roses and enjoy the run!

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