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Fuelling Your Run Anna Belle Skidmore from Granola’d (#28)

Updated: Jan 30, 2023

Today I have a special guest on the podcast, Anna Belle Skidmore from Murfreesboro, TN. Anna Belle is a fellow runner, who alongside her sister Lila Mae- started a business called Granola’d!

They take foods that people love to indulge in such as birthday cake, cinnamon rolls, chocolate chip cookie dough, and turn them into healthy, gluten-free granola using wholesome ingredients! Anna Belle was in need of a gluten-free carb that didn’t taste like cardboard. Both Anna Belle and her sister are runners and were in need of a healthy carb in order to properly fuel for running. So, Granola’d was created to satisfy those needs! They created a snack that tastes just as delicious as the foods you know and love! They love to say, “We Granola’d it!”

Episode Highlights:

  • Why Annabelle got into running, and her plans to run an official ½ marathon

  • When Annabelle started to develop stomach issues, and why this lead her to start her business Granola’d

  • Why every runner needs fuel for their long runs, and if you are eating gluten free why Granola’d is the perfect option for you

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