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The Wandering Runner with Jenn Berk (#39)

Today, I interview long time runner Jenn Berk.

Jenn always felt like she could be a runner. She did not start running until college when her RA showed her different running routes and encouraged to get started. She was intimidated by races, and it took her 10 years until she felt comfortable to run her first race, which was a half marathon. After that, Jenn was hooked and started to look at races all over the world. She ran the Chicago marathon two years after her first half marathon giving her the confidence she needed to run any distance or any terrain. Jenn currently has run in six different states and plans on running an international race this year when she goes for her third star in Berlin.

Episode Highlights:

  • Jenn discusses the reason she is known as the “wandering runner”. A nickname she gave herself after becoming a runner.

  • Jenn talks about the biggest lesson she has learned about herself, and a great tip for runners going into their first race.

  • We learn about one of Jenn’s biggest goals for her running career. A big international goal of running multiple marathons…. Stay tuned to the end to hear about this big lofty goal!

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