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Off-Season Training with Bethany Tapp (#40)

Today's episode is all about the off-season work you need to be working on to support your training. This would include strength training, pilates, mobility training or anything to make you a better runner! With the bad weather here in North America, why not take some time and prepare for the spring with a little off season training.

I have a great interview to share with you with Bethany Tapp from Des Moines, Iowa.

Bethany graduated from Iowa State University with a degree in Kinesiology and a concentration in Exercise Science. She is a Certified Personal Trainer through the American College of Sports Medicine, a Certified TRX Instructor, and a STOTT Trained Pilates Instructor. She has extensive experience with different avenues of fitness and wellness including: private training sessions, small group training sessions, Pilates mat/reformer sessions, and wellness coaching. Beyond her experience as a trainer, Bethany has worked with business start-Ups, helping start and launch 3 other businesses before starting Tap into Fitness.

Bethany ran for Iowa State University, and after her own struggles of dealing with severe stress and burnout, she decided that she would never let my own health go downhill again. On a personal level, she keeps her mind and body in sync through her love of running. She has finished 3 marathons, and 12 half marathons.

Currently, she helps busy corporate professionals find a way to make fitness a part of their lifestyle, so they can continue excelling in their career and personal life without getting burned out. She specialize in Strength/Pilates/Run Coaching.

Episode Highlights:

  • The importance of having an off-season for runners of any age, or abilities

  • The benefits of Plyometric training, and examples that runners can use in the off-season to develop more power

  • Bethany shares a few examples of mobility exercises that anyone can use for a warmup routine, or any time of the year to keep muscles loose and more agile

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