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Craig Lewis' Heart-Stopping Comeback (#41)

Updated: Feb 27, 2023

Today, I interviewed Craig Lewis, who is the presenter and producer of the Running Tales podcast, which tells the stories of everyday runners who achieve extraordinary things in the world of running.

He told me there was no truth in the rumour, that by speaking to such people is a good way of making up for his own average running CV.

Craig's biggest race achievements are the completion of two marathons at Edinburgh and Milton Keynes - though that pales in comparison to the 17 finished by his wife and Running Tales co-host, Michelle.

He is a keen Parkrunner and is qualified as a running coach, as part of Michelle's Step Forward With Lewis running group.

Episode Highlights:

  • We discuss Craig's Running Journey: From Avoiding Running to becoming a Passionate Marathon runner. He shares his running transformation from never wanting to run to becoming a marathon runner later in life.

  • He discusses Parkruns, what these events are, and emphasizes that they are not races. Craig is also in pursuit of his 100th Parkrun which he hopes to finish within the next few months

  • He details his inspiring comeback story of overcoming pericarditis and running a half marathon within 6 months

  • Craig also shares the motivation behind starting his own running podcast, Running Tales.

Follow Craig Lewis and Running Tales:

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