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Running in the Cold: Tales from Saskatchewan with Dave Murray (#46)

Updated: Oct 8, 2023

Today, I interviewed Dave Murray, another fellow runner from Canada- From the province of Saskatchewan. Dave is a 45 year runner, who is married with 2 adult girls. He is a purchasing Manager and of course, a very passionate Runner. He has been running for close to 14 years, with his first race being the Queen City Half Marathon in Regina, Saskatchewan in 2009. After that race he was hooked.

Since then he has logged close to 10,000 miles of running and has completed 21 Half Marathons (1:40:40) and 6 Full Marathons (3:43:29). His ultimate goal is to qualify for the Boston Marathon but he has some improvement to make before posting a qualifying time. He is also working towards becoming a Certified Running Coach.

Dave’s running motto is the following:

"I will never be an elite runner, but I strive to always be better than my yesterday, last month, and last year."

Episode Highlights:

  • What Dave has learned throughout the years of running, and how now he trains smarter and harder

  • What running in the winter is like for Dave in Saskatchewan

  • How running helps to support Dave’s high stress job both physically and mentally

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