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Running Safety for Women with Dr. Ashley Morgan (#51)

Today, I will share a conversation I had with Dr. Ashley Morgan about women's running safety.

In a recent study released by Adidas, they showed that 92% of women have had concerns for their safety when they go for a run. In this same study, they showed that 69% of women took specific precautions to help them feel safe during a run.

Dr Ashley Morgan started running when she was 21, and has been running for 35 years. She had never been part of a running group until joining Running Punks in 2020. She is an academic whose research focuses on masculinites. More importantly, she is a passionate advocate for women in general, and for women who run in particular. After the murder in London of Sarah Everard in February 2021, she launched the social media hashtag #changethediscourse, to encourage all who talk about women's 'safety', to change the focus of attention instead, to men's behaviours. She spends much time challenging toxic male behaviours, calling out antagonism, and tries to help men to act as allies for women.

Episode Highlights:

  • Ashley talks in detail about the importance of women’s safety while running. This episode could also be called “Men’s behaviour”. It is not about woman taking specific actions to prevent harm, or stop harassment from occurring. It is on men to act in a better way

  • Ashley shares insights from other women, what is it like to be afraid to afraid to go for a run

  • Ashley shares what men should do when passing a female runner out in public

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