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My OTQ Quest with Taggart Van Etten (#53)

Today, is a special day for the podcast. One year of the Runners Resource Podcast. Thank you to everyone who has made a part in this journey! THANK YOU!!!! Here is to another 52 more!

I have a special episode to share with you today with Taggart Van Etten, from Morton, Illinois.

Taggart describes himself as a distance runner. What kind of a distance runner… what kind of distance runner? Even he is not really sure. Keep listening to learn more about some of the amazing records Taggart has been setting in his young running career.

Currently he is the world-record holder of 100 miles run on a Treadmill- 11 hours and 32 minutes. His marathon time comes in at a whopping 2:21 pace. He is also in pursuit of trying to qualify for the US Marathon Olympic Trials. In order to qualify he needs to run less then a 2:18 marathon, and do this before December 5th this year. Taggart is also an athlete for Matrix Treadmill, and Salt stick.

Episode Highlights:

  • We talk about many controversial running topics including, the benefit of fasted runs, and why on harder workouts, fuelling is extremely important.

  • What most “amateur” athletes could benefit from rather than running twice in one day.

  • Taggart describes the different types of shoes that are run for workouts, and every day recovery runs- super shoes and maximal cushion shoes

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