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Half Man Half Marathon with Mark Kennedy (#55)

Today, I had a conversation with Mark Kennedy, an author, podcaster and runner from North Hampton, England.

After surviving a severe brain injury, Mark embarked on a journey of running 100 half marathons. His journey spanned 14 years in the making - to become a member of the 100 Half Marathons club.

To celebrate he wrote a book about his incredible achievement. Half Man, Half Marathon is Mark’s story that evokes so many emotions by the simple act of those repeated steps getting closer to a destination. In this book, Mark outlines how he learnt that running could release the trauma and challenges that his hidden disability presented and how this sport has given positive mental health to so many. This book includes anecdotes and advice from fellow runners that can be applied to everyday life.

Aside from running, Mark is a public speaker and creator of a business called the Future Toolbox, which he runs alongside his wife, Jules. He is a keen traveller, enjoys watching football (soccer) and seeking a new challenge or adventure.

Episode Highlights:

  • We discuss what are some of the best tips for someone getting started with running, especially those who worry about coming in last in a race, or what if people judge us based on our physical appearance

  • We talk about Mark’s brain injury which occurred in 2012, and how this still affects him even to this day

  • We discuss Mark’s entry into the 100 half marathon club. What the 100 half marathon club is, and what lessons Mark has learned in the 14 years it took him to finish this challenge.

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