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Breaking the Cycle and the impact of running with Eli Lomonte (#88)

Today i am joined with Elisa Lomonte aka "the Runderluster" on social media, who is a passionate runner (in particular, trail and half-marathon) and freshly-made run coach. 

With Italian origins, she recently moved to the United States, after having lived in Germany for a long time. She has a post-Master's degree in International Communications & Marketing and worked in that field for over 5 years. Her enthusiasm for healthy living, running and her will to support other athletes in their growth, led her to take courage to leave a secure job and turn her career around by studying run coaching at the German "Academy of Sports".

Elisa has now started guiding her very first athletes with her "Feel Your Run" method. This approach is the result of her experience as an amateur runner for over 15 years who has completed more than 60 races and ran her first marathon at 19.

In addition to her love for running, she has a balanced approach to exercise where ambition and self-awareness are perfectly aligned. In addition to running, Elisa enjoys cycling, HIIT, electro & rock music, spending time with her loved ones, and traveling (always paired with running

Episode Highlights: 

  • How Eli used running (along with other tools such as therapy, and intensive work on herself) to help overcome an eating disorder (bulimia). 

  • We talk in detail about the balance between the pleasure of running, and running for performance

  • We talk about the relationship between running a race and preparing for a race  

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