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Meet Mike

Welcome to the Runner's Resource

 My name is Mike Nielsen, a passionate runner, podcaster and running coach from Grimsby, Ontario, Canada.  

I love a good competition!
As a child I always enjoyed competing in sports and belonging to a team. My elementary school cross country team was really the catalyst that started my love of running. After participating in a few cross country meets, I was hooked!  It was then that I became a student of running and began learning and training on road and trail. I ran my first ½ marathon on my own, on a cold Saturday morning in February of 2005. Since then I’ve run hundreds of races from 5K to 50 mile ultra marathons.                                                                                      

Throughout my life I have be blessed with amazing coaches who have helped my achieve my running goals. My passion is to provide others with the same level of support and guidance that I have received. As a runner I understand the challenges and rewards of the sport and I am dedicated to helping others achieve their running and fitness goals. Whether it’s to finish your first 5K, improve on your marathon time or recovering from an injury, I am here to support you. I believe running is for everyone.

What is standing between you and your goals? 

Let me help you eliminate the barriers between you and your running and fitness goals.

Credentials & Experience

+ Bachelor of Arts, Gerontology, McMaster University

+ Health and Fitness Promotion, Diploma, Niagara College

+ Volunteer Management Leadership, Certificate, Humber College

+ Certified Personal Trainer (CSEP-CPT)

+ Standard First Aid Course and Basic Life Support: C

+ 10+ years experience personal training

+ Nuun Ambassador


A Few Facts About Me

  1. Running Personal Bests:

    • 5 km- 19:26- Lynne’s Legacy 5K Run Hamilton, ON- 2019

    • 10 km- 40:49- Good Friday 10K- Burlington, ON- 2016

    • ½ marathon- 1:40:58 – Richmond, VA- 2019

    • Marathon- 3:18:17 – Mississauga Marathon- 2016

    • 50 miles: 10 hours 30 minutes- Sulpher Springs Ancaster ON- 2014

  2. Completed over 10 road half and full Marathons

  3. Completed over 5 ultra marathons including one 50 mile race

  4. Personal Trainer for 10+ years. Certified with Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology

  5. Became a Father in 2022 and can't wait to run with my son one day!

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