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Stride by Stride: Running and Mental Health with Emily (#100)

Welcome to the 100th episode of the Runner's Resource Podcast. Thank you everyone who has been a part of making this journey possible. I am looking forward to the next 100 episodes :)

In today's episode, I interview, Emily who is a 22 year old content creator working in London. She ran her first marathon on her birthday last October. Since then, she has run 3 more, and is planning to run 10 in her 22nd year, including Annecy and London that are only one week apart.

Aside from running, Emily has a first class filmmaking degree, 3 grade 8s in music, a passion for crochet, pastel colours and a fluffy ginger cat called Larry!

She is keen on changing the conversation around exercise, promoting movement for mental health and happiness rather than weight loss and aesthetics. She uses her voice and online presence to positively impact people’s lives while working on her own. 

And in her own words “run to change your life not your body”.

Highlights of todays episode:

  • Emily outlines her “unhinged” 2024, where she plans on running 10 marathons!

  • Emily discusses the positive affects that running has made on her mental health

  • She discusses an important topic of food disorders. Running has been able to help her create a positive change with her own relationship towards eating

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