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Hamstrings with Dr. Marie Whitt (#97)

In today's episode I am joined with Dr. Marie Whitt to talk all about the Hamstring muscles.

Marie is a practicing doctor of physical therapy since 2018; who specializes in treating runners in her clinic. She has been a runner since 2009. She has had her share of running injuries which only resolved once she Dared to Train Differently and started consistently strength training. She now takes that passion and knowledge and is currently coaching runners on how to strength train like a runner so they can run their next race better, stronger, faster, and injury-free. 

Highlights of todays episode:

  • We talk about how the hamstrings move the legs, and the possible injuries that runners can get in this muscle group

  • We discuss a VERY controversial topic. Do runners need to stretch or strengthen their hamstrings? 

  • Dr. Marie gives two examples of movements that are predictors of future hamstring injuries

Links referenced in episode:


Hamstring clinical practice Guide lines/ research article: ⁠⁠

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