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Training for the United Airlines NYC ½ marathon with Stephan Washburn (#45)

Today, I interviewed a long time friend of mine, a fellow fan of the TV show Survivor, but more importantly to our conversation today, another avid runner: Stephan Washburn.

Stephan is an NYC-based Video Editor, Photographer, and Music Producer. He currently works for a bespoke marketing agency creating social campaigns and strategies for a diverse group of partners in fashion, interior design, non-profit, and more. Stephan enjoys running both as a way to stay healthy and fit, as well as a way to keep him strong for his summers hiking in the High Peaks of the Adirondacks. He is looking forward to running his second half marathon on March 19th, the United Airlines NYC Half Marathon on behalf of Free Arts NYC.

Episode Highlights:

  • How running in high school on the X-country team began Stephan’s love of running

  • How training has been going for Stephan’s 2nd half marathon which will be run on March 19th at the United Airlines NYC ½ marathon on behalf of Free Arts NYC

  • We discuss Free Arts NYC. What is this organization, and how you can give them a donation to them

  • We discuss what is better: signing up for a race and working towards that race goal, or just running without a specific event, race or goal.

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