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My Running Streak with Dylan Roche (#47)

Updated: Apr 5, 2023

Today, I interviewed Dylan Roche, a writer, and avid runner from Annapolis Maryland.

Dylan has a simple philosophy when it comes to running: Do what challenges you, and stop if it starts to hurt. He started running in college as a self-confessed way "to turn his life around," and he discovered a love of fitness, adventure, and seeing just what his body is capable of doing. Now nearly 20 years later, he can say he's run marathons, ultra-marathons, 24-hour challenges, and triathlons, and he averages about 100 miles a week. But he still thinks of his biggest accomplishment as the fact that he gets out there every day because he knows it makes him feel good—it's why he has a 10-year running streak going. When he's not running or outside on another adventure, he's an award-winning journalist and the author of a few fantasy novels.

Episode Highlights:

  • Dylan talks about his current run streak and his philosophy behind why he continues his daily running day after day

  • How running helps to support both Dylan's physical and mental well-being

  • We discuss the analogies between the mental toughness needed during an ultra marathon and the tougher challenge of life

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