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The Running Dad with Noel Paine (#63)

Today I am sharing a conversation I had with Noel Paine, from the Ottawa, Ontario.

Noel Paine is a Runningdad and writer who has been a runner for over 35 years and has run everything from track, road races, to marathons, trail and ultramarathons. He has a love for running, healthy active living and storytelling. He has written for the Canadian Running magazine, iRun magazine, done blogs and podcasts and has published three books on running and racewalking (his newfound passion). He can be found in Ottawa, Ontario, if you can find him sitting still.

Episode Highlights:

  • Noel talks about the beginning of his running adventures- running back home from school in high school- 19 km away!

  • We talk about pedestrianism- A term used a LONG time ago about runners walking extreme distances, and why this sport is no longer popular today

  • Noel talks about race walking, and the benefit of using this style of walking into your weekly routine

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