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Fueling Success: A Vegan Runner's Journey with Priscilla Forgie (#69)

Have you ever considered a vegan diet? Are you an athlete who struggles to know if this is the right approach for you?

Today we have a special guest- Canadian ultra marathon Priscilla Forgie from Edmonton Alberta.

Priscilla is a recent runner, only having consistently running since 2019. Since this time she has several first female finishes, and overall first places finishes at major ultra marathons.

2023 has been a big year for Priscilla. She finished as the 2nd female at Canyons giving her entry into Western States endurance run. She finished Western States as the 8th overall female and the first Canadian finisher.

Outside of running, Priscilla has a love of animals, and has volunteered at various rescue and wildlife organizations over the years. She has been vegan for about 15 years now and is continually learning new things every day about plant-based eating. Priscilla is always looking for ways her eating can fuel her running endeavors so that she feels healthy and happy. In her spare time she is often out in nature or snuggled up with her rescue pit bull, Baby.

Episode Highlights:

  • We chat in detail about Priscilla’s experience as a plant based, and vegan runner. She gives tips to new vegan runners, or those who want to try this approach to eating. She shares what she eats during training runs and races.

  • Priscilla shares her experience running in this past years Western States Endurance Run, and her plans to come back even stronger in 2024

  • We talk about Priscilla’s recent training, and she gives a great tip to any runner: replicate your training with the terrain of your race

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