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The Mental Marathon: Training Your Mind for Ultra Events with Milly Voice (#73)

Today I am speaking with Molly Voice, an ultra marathon runner from London, England.

Milly is an ambassador for Salomon and teacher who has spent many years until very recently living up a mountain in the Swiss Alps. Her running story began when she lived in London and developed a passion for long distance running, which has since taken her on many adventures! Milly has a blog where she documents her running and races ( and can be found in instagram @millyvoiceruns

Episode Highlights:

  • We chat about how running can be a practice of meditation. Running for some, can be like a yoga session, however in this case, you are not sitting but moving!

  • Milly chats about The Swiss Alps 100. This race was run on behalf of her mom who is going through a breast cancer diagnosis. Milly ran and raised money for the MacMillian Cancer Support. She talks about the support that MacMillian gives to cancer patients and their families.

  • We chat about the mental side of ultra marathon training. Milly offers valuable guidance on finding ways to make running difficult, which will benefit you during your race. You will go through ups and down, but just remember it won’t last forever.

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