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The Lore of the Marathon with Kenji Heilman (#76)

Kenji Heilman is a 44-time marathon runner from Northern Kentucky. After playing sports through college, he continued to stay active and eventually ran his first marathon in 2002. He has since paced Cincinnati’s Flying Pig Marathon 13 times and looks forward to it annually. The Mohawk Hudson River Marathon in October will be his 45th in a 20th state, and he still believes he can achieve a personal best at 52 years of age. He encourages everyone to focus on ‘you're happy’, work hard and keep learning. You can find him on Twitter/X at @kenjiheilman

Episode Highlights:

  • We talk about all things marathons with Kenji, who has now run 44 marathon races. Kenji talks about his favourite marathon Deadwoods, Nicholson Trail in South Dakota

  • Kenji talks about being a pacer at marathons. The challenges that come with helping those running a marathon who want to run a certain time, but also how rewarding it can be

  • And we talk Kenji’s ultimate running goal.

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