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Why are marathon records falling and how fast can humans get? (#78)

World record times at the marathon seem to occur every few weeks. The elite runners are redefining expectations of what we thought was possible for human performance.

This does beg the question: How fast can humans get?

Can we look for a cause in this sudden drop in Marathon times, or is there something more going on?

Episode Highlights:

  • We discuss the recent drop in Marathon times, and talk about the two most recent WR times: Kelvin Kiptum (Chicago 2023) and Tigst Assefa (Berlin 2023)

  • I discuss what the equivalent to running Kelvin's marathon time (2:00:35) to other shorter events

  • We discuss one of the biggest factors in the drop in times: super shoes

  • Finally we end with the question "is there something else going on?"

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