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Nutrition Strategies for Long-Distance Runners with Claire Shorenstein (#79)

Claire Shorenstein (MS, RD, CSSD) is a Board-Certified Sports Dietitian based in Santa Cruz, CA. She provides virtual nutrition coaching to clients on a wide variety of issues, with a speciality in Performance Nutrition, and hosts the Eat for Endurance Podcast. Claire also is an avid distance runner and has competed in numerous solo and team events from the 5km to 50-mile distance over the last 25 years.

To read more about Claire, please visit her ⁠⁠website⁠,⁠ subscribe to ⁠⁠The Eat for Endurance Podcast⁠⁠, and follow her on social media (@eatforendurance).

Episode Highlights:

  • Claire addresses the issue of calorie depletion in long distance runners. She emphasizes how, and when runners need to replace these calories. She helps debunk the question of “is there the right kind of calories that we need to replace them with”?

  • Claire talks about the post-workout essentials for any athlete, and specifically for runners. She helps to answer the question of “is there such a thing as timing post working for your nutrition?”

  • Claire talks about the importance of runners' nutrition, and encourages runners not just to look at their day to day to understand what are their feeling needs. Runners need to think more about our long-term performance and health care needs

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Show notes:

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