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The NYC marathon with Mike Bonham (#83)

Mike Bonham (Kansas City, MO) benefits from an annoyingly high metabolism, making him the object of derision from dieters as he eats infinite cookies with no weight gain. Mike's stubborn determination and terrible hand eye coordination led him to explore running in high school after failing to make the basketball team.

Mike is a husband to a beautiful, loving and intelligent woman, the father of 3 mostly grown and fully functional adult human children. He serves as administrative assistant to 2 very spoiled fur babies he never asked for. Mike does analyst work at a bank so he can buy running shoes and begrudgingly pay the bills.

Fearing he would turn 40 with nothing to show for it athletically, Mike signed up for a half marathon in 2012. He fell in love with the training and followed the rabbit hole into running a full, qualifying for Boston, running a 50 miler, taking on silly challenges (4 mi/4 hrs/48 hrs) then lost it by running 13 miles a day for a month+ until he injured his calf.

Now running more sensible mileage, he hopes to hit 20,000 lifetime miles by mid 2024.

Mike looks forward to running NYC, his 12th marathon and third Major (Boston '14, Chicago '18). He enjoys discussing running and supporting his friends and family in their fitness journey by leading by example and fitting running into every conversation possible.

Episode Highlights:

  • Mike talks about the excitement he has going into this marathon, visiting the city with his family, and being able to see the entire city.

  • We talk about run commuting

  • We re-cap Mike’s NYC marathon experience, and he rates his favourite Boroughs based on the marathon route

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