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My Mental Health Journey with Tara Nicole. (#95)

In today's episode I interview Tara Nicole from Kansas City, Missouri.

Tara is a runner because she decides to lace up her shoes everyday and hit the pavement. Her running journey began in high school as a way to avoid a chaotic and unstable home fueled by addiction, untreated mental illness and domestic violence. Running has been a huge tool in her toolbox in her own personal journey through recovery, as it’s a continuous challenge against yourself for yourself. Her greatest running accomplishment would be completing the David Goggins challenge 3 years in a row, and honestly running double digits. She was a sprinter in high school and still has a sprinter heart, so anything over 3 miles challenges her!

Highlights of todays episode:

  • Tara dives into her running journey, and we talk a lot about why running gives her clarity, and running and mental health

  • We talk in detail about the David Goggins 4X4X48 challenge. Why Tara chooses to do a challenge like this, and why it makes her mentally stronger 

  • For any new runner we talk about why running can be hard to get started, but why the rewards are so much greater 

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